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30 Days To Grace

Exercise the Power of Intention with just 30 minutes a day!

30 Days to Grace is a powerful, life-changing program that guides you through a series of grounding and empowering activities including deep breathing, yoga poses, meditation, and journaling.

These activities, done for a total of 30 minutes each day are designed to work together to support you in focusing on your personal intention (goal) in an area of your life you’d like to experience change.

Wheel of Intention

30 Days to Grace Wheel of Intention

You set your one intention for 30 days by selecting one area in your life from the wheel of intention and then speaking in the affirmative about it, as if it’s already happening, for example:

“I take good care of my physical body”
“I embrace my financial issues”
“I move forward in my business”

What we focus on expands and by starting your day with this focus on your intention, your life will change because you will change. Weight loss, improved communication, and increased revenue are just a few of the remarkable results you can achieve using the simple but powerful practice of intention.

After you set your intention, you need to create a sacred space for your practice, large enough to accommodate your yoga mat and the extension of your legs and arms.

It needs to be quiet and private and you will set up your yoga mat, journal, and CD player or I-pod. You may also choose to set up an altar with candles, meaningful forms and pictures.

The practice is ideally done first thing in the morning, after you wash your face, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water and change into comfortable clothing.

I encourage you just to try it, for 30 days. Just as an experiment and observe how your life changes when you begin your day in such a purposeful way.

30 minutes a day practice

The yeah, buts….

I don’t have time in the morning..

The practice is encouraged to be done first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day, but you can also do it in the evening and used as a reflection time.

If you find you don’t have 30 minutes to give to the practice, then pick the most appealing activity to you and spend 5 or 10 minutes. Anything is always better than nothing!

I’m not flexible enough to practice yoga…

Flexibility is a benefit of yoga, not a pre-requisite! This all levels program was intentionally designed for anyone to practice yoga, from never-evers to advanced. There is complete guided instruction on the CD and pictures inside the sleeve You can always modify any pose that does not feel good or safe to you.

I already workout every day…

This does not replace your workout, or your regular yoga class. This is time just for you, to totally focus on your deepest intention. It is a gift you give yourself and it changes your life, because it changes your day.

What happens when you take 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself ~

I feel a contentment and a peace throughout my day and things just seem to flow better. There is also a mystical quality to greeting the sunrise from my mat. I love this practice!.”

This is providing me with exactly what I need: an easy practice guided beautifully and gently, complete with journaling which allows for powerful reflection and an ability to track my progress.”

Thanks, Diane, I’m doing it every day and love you for inspiring me! You put magic into motion.”

I am more focused on my business today than I can ever remember and my numbers are reflecting it. This practice is magical”


30 Days to Grace in 30 Minutes a Day



30 Days to Grace in 30 Minutes a Day

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