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Contract Your Commitment to Keep It

As Goethe said, “Until there is commitment, there is hesitancy.” You have to decide to make the commitment for yourself, for your family, for your deepest intention, to be all that you can be. Don’t wait until you feel like it. You won’t. Don’t wait until “the time is right”; it never will be. Don’t wait until “things slow down”; they aren’t going to. Don’t even wait until you create your sacred space.

Whatever you are committing to, I suggest you begin by writing a contract to yourself.  This has a begin time and end time and you can always recommit again.   You can use mine I use for the 30 Days to Grace practice and change the words to make it appropriate for you.  

30 Days to Grace Contract

I, ________________________________, on _______________ commit myself to the daily practice, 30 Days to Grace, for the next thirty days. I understand that the five activities of this practice—opening to grace, deep breathing, meditation, yoga poses, and journaling—are equally important, and I honor myself and my commitment by following through every day for the next thirty days.

I, _______________________________, further understand that this practice can create deep change, and with it can come turbulence. I commit myself to excellent self-care with optimal sleep, diet, exercise, and self-talk. Above all, I commit to honoring myself and my own process for the next thirty days.



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