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Top 10 Reasons to Meditate

When I am speaking to a large group and introduce the idea of meditation, I can see the immediate look of disdain in the audience. They are not just surprised but visibly uncomfortable and sometimes even borderline angry looking.  After they spend five minutes in stillness (as I often call it), I see their look of discomfort replaced with relief, relaxation, and even gratitude. They have discovered a new practice that brings them an immediate peace and calm most of them have not known before.

When you are willing to try meditation, many of the psychological benefits can be experienced almost immediately. This is, of course, after you let go of the notion that you need to do it “right.” I have not only personally experienced many of these rewards, but I have also been witness to them in my students and clients:

  1. Increased positive emotions such as love, compassion, clarity, warmth, generosity
  2. Increased capacity to understand and connect with others
  3. Improved coping skills to deal with upset, grief, and fear
  4. Broader comprehension and improved ability to focus
  5. Increased creativity
  6. Deeper level of relaxation
  7. Improved perception and memory
  8. Increased self-actualization
  9. Increased productivity
  10. Improved relations at work


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