COVID Resilience and Recovery Skills


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Letting Go Practice with Diane Sieg
Connect with Your Heart Practice
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Balloons floating away

Care for COVID with Letting Go

By Diane Sieg | April 7, 2020

Jack Kornfield, my favorite Buddhist monk psychologist says, loving and letting go can be the same thing because both allow…

care with heart

Care for COVID with Heart

By Diane Sieg | April 2, 2020

I meet weekly with my dear friend and colleague for over two decades, Kay (now by Zoom) for a deep…

Compassion Woman with her hands over her heart

Care for COVID with Compassion

By Diane Sieg | March 23, 2020

Compassion, the practice of kindness, is contagious and has many immediate benefits including reducing your own suffering by improving your…

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Resilience Academy

The Resilience Academy is a comprehensive program that uniquely equips healthcare providers with the tools necessary to create resilient cultures in their departments and organizations.


Diane is passionate about bringing resilience to organizations with keynotes, half or full day sessions, The Resilience Academy, The 30 day Mindfulness Challenge, coaching, and retreats.


Offsite leadership retreats, mindfulness mountain retreats, and yoga adventures all offer you an experience of transformation by leaving your routine, environment, and your comfort zone.