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Yoga Schedule

For my own recovery, I am taking a break from teaching group yoga this summer. Look for 2020 Yoga Retreat information coming soon!

Many people turn to yoga when they are in search of more alignment, healing, and a greater sense of community in their lives. It is a life-changing and life-long practice that transforms you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

During a difficult time in my life when everything was such an effort, yoga provided a safe place for me to experience an ease, rhythm, and flow I had not experienced before.  I initially was attracted to the detoxifying effects of Bikram and then the flow of Vinyasa.   Today, although I respect all the different styles of yoga, my teaching is an alignment-based approach to help my students sustain a strong and safe practice, while continuing to go deeper at any age.


My passion is to empower students of all levels to live their most aligned and meaningful lives, both on and off their mats.  I teach in a variety of settings including  onsite corporations, yoga studios, and retreat centers around the world.



Do you have a special need or goal for your yoga practice?  Whether you want to improve your alignment, heal from injury, or stick your handstand, I am available for private yoga sessions in my home or yours.  Contact me here.

Work With Diane

Resilience Academy

The Resilience Academy is a comprehensive program that uniquely equips healthcare providers with the tools necessary to create resilient cultures in their departments and organizations.


Diane is passionate about bringing resilience to organizations with keynotes, half or full day sessions, The Resilience Academy, The 30 day Mindfulness Challenge, coaching, and retreats.


Offsite leadership retreats, mindfulness mountain retreats, and yoga adventures all offer you an experience of transformation by leaving your routine, environment, and your comfort zone.

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