Life Coaching

What are you willing to do to feel the way you want to feel?


Life coaching helps you focus on and change the areas in your life that are not working as well as you would like.  These areas include your health, relationships, work, and finances.

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, that tends to look back to heal old wounds, life coaching is about moving forward by becoming aware of your current habits, patterns, and behaviors not serving you and helping you create new ones that will.

Change is hard.  We not only need the skills and structure to make changes, many of us need the accountability and support of a coach to help us sustain the changes.


As a life coach, I have a unique background as an emergency room nurse for 23 years and a health and fitness professional for over 30 years . I have been certified as a Lifestyle Counselor, Health and Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and yoga teacher.

Through life-style modifications, mindfulness practices, resilience skills, and positive habits, I can help you get clarity around your deepest intentions and support your most meaningful life by helping you:

  • Reduce your stress. Mindfulness practices change your brain, perspective, and behavior supporting you to experience less anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Move through a transition. Big changes in our lives are excellent times to re-evaluate our priorities to re-establish what matters most.
  • Increase your ability to focus. By focusing on the present moment, you heighten your ability to focus your attention and suppress distractions in your daily life.
  • Enrich your relationships. When we are unhappy with ourselves, we tend to lash out at those closest to us, preventing healthy relationships from developing and florishing.
  • Sleep Better. Sleep is the single most important lifestyle behavior for a resilient mind, which is where all of our lifestyle choices begin.
  • Strengthen your resilience. Mindfulness helps us become conscious of how we perceive and respond to life’s situations, not just in times of adversity, but also how we show up every day.
  • Lose weight. When we are making conscious choices in our eating, exercising, and sleeping, we are much more successful in losing extra weight and keeping it off.
  • Improve your overall happiness and well-being. With more focus, relaxation, and less stress, you experience more happiness and enhance your capacity to experience the joys of everyday life.
  • Improve your bottom line. Studies from some of America’s biggest and best corporations have shown that health and happiness directly affect your bottom line.

"You have given me the permission to change. You have the glorious gifts of wisdom and compassion to persistently, yet gently nudge me on my path to healthy living."

"I’m so grateful for your guidance and support. I was overwhelmed and burned out. Now I am in touch with the things that are meaningful to me. Thank you."

"Diane has coached me in my challenges of health, menopause and changing life seasons (like becoming an empty nester).  As a registered nurse, she’s an ally and resource with great knowledge and empathy."

Pam Watson Korbel, MBA, Executive Coach

Work With Diane

Resilience Academy

The Resilience Academy is a comprehensive program that uniquely equips healthcare providers with the tools necessary to create resilient cultures in their departments and organizations.


Diane is passionate about bringing resilience to organizations with keynotes, half or full day sessions, The Resilience Academy, The 30 day Mindfulness Challenge, coaching, and retreats.


Offsite leadership retreats, mindfulness mountain retreats, and yoga adventures all offer you an experience of transformation by leaving your routine, environment, and your comfort zone.