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It’s About Time: 3 Practices for the Holidays

November 30, 2021
Holiday bows and branches

Do you ever find yourself saying, I don’t have time for this! Especially when life provides you with little but costly inconveniences like your car not starting, computer crashing, or chai tea spilled in your lap? Whether you look forward to the holidays or suffer through them, they require more from us—attention, energy, and time.…

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5 Misconceptions About Burnout

November 1, 2021

Carol, a seasoned ICU nurse started to cry uncontrollably on her way to the grocery store. After spending the last four days working her 12-hour shifts, she felt completely overwhelmed with the idea of driving to, navigating in, and unpacking from the grocery. Feeling frustrated and even embarrassed, she made the decision to go home…

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My Compassionate Reminder in the ER

October 1, 2021
Diane Sieg in the ER

I never imagined I would end up in the ER on my beach vacation. I am healthy, active, without risk factors, and if you work in healthcare, you know it takes a lot for any of us to admit we need help. But after experiencing mild chest pain all afternoon that increased to a pain…

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Presence with a Rattlesnake

August 31, 2021
Rattlesnake in tree

Every Friday morning, I practice my recovery with a solo hike up Gregory Canyon in Boulder, Colorado. A couple of weeks ago, I was ¾ of the way down, completely lost in my thoughts, when a runner passed me going up yelled, There’s a rattlesnake on the trail ¼ of a mile down! That announcement…

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About Diane

As a speaker, author, life coach, nurse, and yoga teacher, Diane brings resilience skills to healthcare organizations in a variety of ways with The Resilience Academy, keynotes, half-day and full-day seminars, Resilience Challenges, national and international leadership and resilience retreats, virtual experiences, and coaching.