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Home for the Holidays: 3 Ways to Experience Joy

November 30, 2020
Holiday ornaments

Home for the Holidays has a new meaning this year. Many of us have altered our plans forgoing holiday travel, festivities, and gatherings outside our household. These changes are disappointing and require us to be very intentional to experience joy at work, and everywhere else. Whether it’s your relationships, career, or the holidays, experiencing joy…

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5 Ways to Be Sick to Get Well

October 26, 2020

Last month I woke up to a sore throat, headache, and general exhaustion. That day, I proudly surrendered and spent the day on the couch. Day 2: I felt better, but still rested– just to be sure. Day 3: I thought I was over it and stayed upright working all day. Day 4: I crashed…

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Living with Resilience: Keep Your Word

September 30, 2020

Some days I wake up feeling discouraged, frustrated and tired of it all. I call it a COVID day when I grieve the way things used to be and berate myself for not completing my book, getting organized or reaching out to more family with all the extra time I think I should have. I…

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Living with Resilience: Flying Lessons

September 1, 2020

I was drawn to paragliding for years so when Tim, a good friend and experienced pilot, offered to take me, I said yes immediately. I’m really not a daredevil, but there was something about the freedom of being in the air, above all the noise and chaos that really attracted me. As we stood on…

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