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In their own words...

The Well-Being Coaching Program Delivers Proven Results!

The Well-Being Coaching Program doesn’t give nurses more to do, but empowers them to feel good about themselves and what they already do. Feeling good about yourself and what you do is the definition of Well-Being!

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The Well-Being Coaching Program focuses on Self-Leadership, a skill Diane has been teaching and coaching nurses for 27 years. Going deeper than self-care, Self-Leadership is the relationship you have with yourself; how you prioritize, treat, and talk to yourself. Self-Leadership is so empowering because it teaches nurses how to make themselves a priority so they are more engaged and less stressed in their work and life.

Well-Being requires a commitment at the organizational and individual level, and that’s why a proven program with a structure and support is critical.
Diane Sieg 3 month post assessment Program Results no title
  • 27% decrease in Stress

  • 40% decrease in Burnout

  • 66% increase in Self-Leadership

  • 16% increase in Engagment

  • 28% increase in Self-Compassion

CPR Supports Self-Leadership by Helping You Connect, Engage, and Energize Yourself

Compassion is being kind to yourself without the harsh criticism of feeling like you never do enough. Compassion is how you connect with yourself and everyone else in your life.

Presence is being completely aware of your experience in the moment. Presence is how you truly engage yourself in your work and life.

Recovery is how you rest, renew and energize yourself. It requires you to prioritize your sleep and participate in the activities that bring you joy.

“When I don’t take time for myself, I am a ball of stress and snap, bite, act resentful and mean. I can’t be compassionate with anyone else until I am compassionate with myself.”

Kayla, ICU Nurse

“I was addicted to my busyness and go, go, go mentality. Now that I have slowed down, I am getting a glimpse of the person I really want to be.”

Alexandra, Clinical Supervisor

“I thought I knew what I was supposed to do, but recovery helped me know what I really needed. When I started playing the piano again, I found a piece of myself I had lost.”

Molly, ICU Nurse, Mother of 2 yo twins

The CPR practices sound simple and obvious, and they are, but they require the support the Well-Being Coaching program provides.

The Well-Being Coaching Program Offers 3 Options

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Option 1

Connect, Engage and Energize With Self-Leadership!

Keynote or Full Day Training
  • Highly interactive program, Connect, Engage and Energize With Self-Leadership!
  • Pre-Program Assessment
  • Digital Self-Leadership Campaign with daily text messages
  • Post-Program Assessment with full analysis and report
  • Pre-Program interviews with staff and leaders to gain insight into their current challenges

Self-Leadership focuses on your most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. It goes deeper than self-care because it determines the choices you make every day that affect your overall well-being. Connect, Engage and Energize With Self-Leadership! is a highly Interactive program that provides the CPR practices (Compassion, Presence, and Recovery) nurses and nurse leaders can use immediately to empower themselves and their staff.

Option 2

The Well-Being Coaching Program for Champions

8 Week Program and Follow-up Coaching

Includes Option 1 PLUS:

  • 4 Weekly Individual Coaching sessions
  • 3 Weekly Small Group Coaching sessions
  • 3 Monthly Group Coaching sessions after 8 Week program for ongoing support
  • Unlimited email support
  • Commitment Partners
  • 5 validated Pre and Post Program Assessments measuring stress, burnout, self-compassion, self-leadership, and engagement
  • Personal Webpage for additional resources of videos, articles, and practices
  • Personal journals to document experiences
  • Graduation Certificate and gift
  • 20 Educational Hours
group 2

The Well-Being Coaching Program for Champions provides the skills, structure, and support to develop and sustain Self-Leadership. This consists of training and coaching 10 hand-selected Champions over 8 weeks to learn, practice and champion the content of the program informally with colleagues and staff within their organization..

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Option 3

The Well-Being Coaching Program for Coaches

One Year Train the Trainer With Licensing

Includes Option 1 and 2 PLUS:

  • One-year license to use all copywritten content and materials to coach Champions and Coaches within the organization including Training Manual, PowerPoint, files for Webpage, content for digital campaigns and videos and articles for roll out to entire organization
  • Monthly Group Coaching sessions for Coaches for ongoing support

The Well-Being Coaching Program for Coaches provides the skills, structure, and support for coaches to develop and train others on Self-Leadership. This consists of training and coaching 10 hand-selected coaches over 8 weeks to learn, practice and coach the content of the WBCP to Champions and Future Coaches formally within their organization.

Learning Objectives of All Program Options:

  • Understand the empowering benefits of Self-Leadership
  • Experience the CPR practices that support Self-Leadership
  • Gain accountability and support with a Digital Self-Leadership Campaign

More In Their Own Words…

How The Well-Being Program for Coaching Improved My Professional and Personal Practice

  • While I am at work, I am able to navigate projects clearly. Instead of having a jumble of multiple ideas and tasks, I am streamlining things, and working on completing one task at a time instead of five over the course of the day. Personally, I feel lighter, like I am not carrying 50 pounds on my shoulders all the time.
  • This practice helped me realize I don’t need to feel guilty for putting myself first. By showing up for myself first, I was able to be more effective and intentional in showing up for others.
Graduation WBCP 2022

What The Well-Being Coaching Program Helped Me Learn About Myself

  • I gave my negative voice entirely too much power. This program helped me see that I could acknowledge it, but then let it go. I could give myself the freedom and ability to quickly move on to more positive thoughts about myself. This has opened me up to more energy, motivation to complete tasks and procrastinate less and a much lower level of stress overall... which my body has been telling me it needs!
  • This training helped me regain my power, find my voice, be present for myself and love the parts of myself that I've neglected for so long. I feel like a different person, more confident, aware and balanced in all areas of my life, work, home and relationships.