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5 Decisions for Self-Leadership

September 27, 2023
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Self-Leadership is the foundational skill of the Well-Being Coaching Program. It goes deeper than self-care because it empowers you to make the best decisions for yourself that affect your overall Well-Being. Self-Leadership requires you to commit the time and energy to know and care about yourself enough to make yourself a priority. Here are 5…

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Your Well-Being Determines Your Wellness

September 1, 2023
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When I ask nurses and nurse leaders, “How do you support Nurse Well-Being?” they often talk about their Wellness Programs, like LiveWell, Code Lavender, Peer Support, and Zen Rooms. These are all great approaches to support Nurse Wellness, but not necessarily Nurse Well-Being. Wellness and Well-Being are often used synonymously, and while they influence each…

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Could it Be That Easy?

July 28, 2023

One thing that triggers me, causing a disproportionate reaction to a situation, is any kind of technical issue. I admit to avoiding the necessary research, maintenance, and upgrading to prevent issues, fearing it will be too hard, expensive, or time-consuming. Case in point, I did not use my landline for business or personal for 18…

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The Freedom of Choice

July 6, 2023

“My choices determine how I feel and the space I’m in.” Does our well-being, how we feel about ourselves really come down to this simple and powerful statement? I think it could. Last week I completely overcommitted myself, powering through all my activities, resulting in exhaustion and grumpiness. All because of my choices. The freedom…

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