If I told you a 30 minute daily practice could transform your life in 30 days, would you be willing to do it?   Just as an experiment, just to see what could happen?  What we focus on expands, and when you are willing to focus your deepest intention for 30 minutes in various activities, your life will change because you will change.

Here is a breakdown of this powerful, life-changing practice:

Start by settling, grounding, and opening to something bigger than yourself. Repeat your intention out loud or to yourself. For example, “I embrace my physical body.” Then, you spend five minutes in guided deep breathing to warm your body and calm your mind to prepare for the physical poses.

The next fifteen minutes are spent in guided yoga poses that cover a variety of standing poses, with balancing, core strengthening, and twists. Remember, this practice is not about the pose. It’s about energy, called prana (Sanskrit for “vital life”), circulating through your body with various movements and breath. All of the poses can be modified and even done in a chair, according to your physical capabilities.

The five-minute meditation that follows is to still your mind after the yoga poses. There are many forms of meditation, and for this daily practice you will focus on inquiry meditation by asking yourself, “What is most important today for me to fulfill my intention?”

During the last five minutes you focus on your intention by journaling. This process includes writing down anything that comes to mind and committing it to the page. This unstructured and free-form writing can be done in the form of stories, lists, drawings, or even rants and raves. Choose the form that has the most meaning and relevance to you and write without censoring or judging.

You are now ready to face your day in a grounded and centered presence with your deepest intention awakened in your subconscious.    Your day is different because you are showing up different.

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