How Will You Begin?

Photo courtesy of Ali Inay

January is my favorite month because there is something powerful and magical about being able to begin again. Not necessarily start over, but meet ourselves where we are, with an openness and curiosity, full of promise and potential. This is beginner’s mind in action, looking at things as the beginning and experiencing them as fresh and new.

Whether you make resolutions every year or have long ago given up on even trying, this new year offers everyone a new beginning, a new place to approach your life. Instead of making the list of goals to lose 10 lbs, get out of debt, or attract the perfect partner, how about paying more attention and being more curious and open to the different areas of your life?

Ponder these questions and take a few minutes to sit with or journal about them. This will help you determine how to begin.

How can I approach my health (eating, drinking, exercise, sleep) as new and fresh, and focus on how I want to feel, instead of focusing on how I don’t?

How can I approach my relationships, (especially the one with myself) with an honest openness and curiosity?

How can I approach my work with more creativity and interest?

How can I approach my money with more freedom and possibility?

The beauty of practicing beginners mind is remembering we are always at the beginning–of our day, month, or life. Choose the area you want to be more open, curious, and in awe about and begin today. There is no reason to wait one more moment.

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