Ready to Shift into Fall? Three Things To Do

Posted by Diane Sieg on September 7, 2012

Fall Trees

I used to want summer to go on forever, but the truth is, after living in a tropical climate that was always summer, I now celebrate the change of seasons.   Each season brings with it an opportunity to look at and experience things new again.

Fall takes on a new energy of crispness, with shorter days and cooler nights and you can shift your energy right along with it.  Just like the trees shed their leaves, we can create physical and psychic space for a new season in our lives by choosing to shift in one of three ways:

1.  Shift Your Schedule. Try going to bed an hour earlier.  You may wake up an hour earlier, or realize you actually need an extra hour of sleep.   You can also change your workout time, eating routine or social schedule.  Take notice of your energy levels at different times of the day as you shift your schedule.   After over 3 years of the same teaching schedule, I am excited to shift my yoga teaching at new times and studios.

2.  Shift Your Space. Pick a room (or closet) in your house and remove everything and only put back the things you love to use, wear or enjoy.  Recycle the rest and feel the peace of mind you experience immediately when you create space.   I started with my yoga room, which somehow turned into a drop off station for various miscellaneous items.  By shifting my yoga space, I have not only been happier and more inclined to practice in it, but I have a huge sense of peace just looking at the beautiful room.   For help in shifting your space, check out these experts in organizing or feng shui.

3.  Shift Your Practice. Fall is a great time to get back to your daily practice.  Whatever you do to reconnect with yourself and your higher power, recommit yourself to daily prayer, meditation, inspirational reading, yoga, journaling, or even 5 minutes of quiet time.   When you create space for a daily practice, you have more time because you are more focused, grounded, and centered in your day.  My first week back to my daily practice I noticed a shift in my awareness and my body.

The beauty of shifting gears in one area of your life is you will notice other areas shift as well because you have created the space.   Shifting can be scary because you are in unfamiliar territory but also exciting because with it comes a newness and crispness of a Fall night!

I would love to hear about how you are ready to shift into Fall.

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