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Choose Uncomfortable in the New Year

I went to a fabulous presentation this week on Wellness, at Mile Hi Church given by Dr. James Rouse, a high energy and engaging Naturopath.  He introduced his new program, 2010 Wellness, a diet and exercise plan for better health to over 1000 eager listeners.  He gave a lot of interesting information most of us probably already knew, but weren’t necessarily doing anything with.   

One statement he made that really stuck with me was, “Wellness is not comfortable but it is a choice”.  Because getting out of a warm bed at 5:30 am to get your workout in is a lot more uncomfortable than rolling over when the alarm goes off.   Taking the time to plan, buy, prepare and pack a healthy lunch is more uncomfortable than grabbing something fast, or skipping lunch altogether.  Wellness takes time and energy, and it can be uncomfortable, especially at first.  

Do the benefits of wellness like more energy, better focus, improved sleep and weight loss, just to name a few, really outweigh a little short lived discomfort?  Dr. Rause thinks so, and so do I. 

As we embark on this New Year, choose  to be uncomfortable by keeping your resolutions, whether they relate to diet, exercise, or money.  Change is uncomfortable!  But the pain of staying the same creates much more discomfort in the end.  

I urge you to begin now:  Do one thing for your wellness by replacing an old habit that isn’t working for you with one that will.  With practice, I promise you will get more comfortable with the discomfort of getting out of bed an hour earlier, (even if it dark and is below zero like today was).

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