Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 22 Empowered By Choice

I just spent the weekend with Douglas Brooks, one of the world’s leading scholars of Hindu Tantrism and the esoteric traditions of the Goddess.  He lectured on many principles of the Tantric philosophy, (most of which I am still processing) but one I could relate to immediately was the Goddess is within each of us and is empowered by choice.

The idea that the self is always present in choice is not necessarily new, but it is empowering for me to remember.  I choose how I show up, act, and react to things I have absolutely no control over, which is almost everything like traffic, a change in a plans, someone else’s reaction, or even the weather.  I kow that my daily choice to participate in the practice empowers  all my other choices for the rest of the day.

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