Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 20 Grace Takes Time

I gave my program, 30 Days to Grace today, in Durango, Colorado to a group of women at a Work Life Balance Conference.  It was a beautiful site to watch, all of them deep breathing, practiicng yoga poses, meditating and journaling.

One woman said she didn’t like the yoga because it made her feel very un-graceful and awkward.  That of course that is why I call this a practice.   There is no right or wrong way to “do it”.  We just show up and do our best knowing that grace takes time. 

We wouldn’t expect to play classical piano without a lot of practice, so why should we expect to look graceful and beautiful practicing yoga the first few times?  Someone once told me it is good to do things we aren’t particularly good at, or that aren’t particularly easy.  Yoga has always been very challenging for me, and I am still at it, because I know it helps me open to grace… eventually.

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