Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 28 Look for the Miracle

I had coffee today with a friend who has been practicing 30 Days to Grace for the last 24 days.  Her intention is “Money is flowing into my life through fun and joy.”  She says there have been many small miracles since she started to focus on this intention.

She recounted the doorman who fixed her squeaky wheel on her luggage without even being asked.  And another hotel gave her free internet access for no apparent reason.  The best one was when she took her teenagers out for their birthday and was talking about the power of focus when a woman came to their table and gave them a coupon for two free desserts.  “Wow.  This stuff really works!” said her 15 year old son in total amazement. 

Miracles are happening all around us everyday, but if we aren’t paying attention we miss them.  That is the whole idea behind the practice, to focus on your intention and then notice the miracles when they happen.

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