Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 19 The Perfect Balance

I listened to two women discuss their preferences in a yoga class, before my class started this morning.  Not too fast, but not too slow.  Not too much talking, but enough feedback and correction.  Not too intense, but not to easy either.   

Ah, the search for the perfect balance. 

Yoga provides a great opportunity to balance all the components of the practice: the inhalation and exhalation, muscular engagement and letting go, stability and freedom, pushing to the edge and backing off.  It is really up to us to balance the intensity of each one of these to get what we need out of a class.

The same is true off of our yoga mats.  We ride the pulsation of the ups and downs, the light and dark, the highs and lows.  Nothing is ever in perfect balance, but instead in constant motion and change.  And we balance the intensity to get what we need.

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