Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 26 Skipping a Habit

Yesterday, I skipped.  I didn’t skip the practice, but I skipped writing about it.  My day was very full and I just never quite got around to doing it…  It was kind of scary to skip a day of writing because I have been on such a roll I didn’t want to give it up altogether, especially when I am so close to nearing the 30 day mark.

So today, as we celebrate our Thanksgiving, I am putting off my turkey and dressing a little longer because I want it to be one day of skipping my writing, and not two or three or even 10.  Just like the practice, I have created a daily habit and the only way I can reinforce it is to practice it, yes, daily.  So today as I reflect on everything I have gratitude for, I remember to be grateful for the habits I choose to create in my life.

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