Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Day 15 Snow Day

Half way through my 30 day practice and I woke up to 6 inches of velvety snow here in Denver. Absolutely beautiful and with no place I have to go today, I am happy to stay home and have a snow day. 

Snow days are really important in our lives.  Although we have no control over the weather, we can schedule  metaphorical “snow days” to give us a chance to take a breath and exhale.  What if you blocked out an entire day with no classes, appointments, commitments, or errands?  What if you didn’t “plan” anything until you woke up and truly honored yourself by listening to your own heart’s desire? 

We all need a snow day every now and again; To catch up on all those things we never seem to get around to doing – and not just doing your books or cleaning out a closet, although if that is what you truly desire, then go for it.  I’m really talking about catching up on that important element of self-care we often let go of in our busyness to complete the  “to do” list, like taking a long, hot bath, calling an old friend, reading for pure pleasure, or watching an old favorite movie. 

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