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Girl Talk: The Power of Women's Conferences

I am traveling to Jonesboro, Arkansas this week to speak at a Women’s Health Conference called Girl Talk 6.  It is a day sponsored by St Bernards Medical Center, The Cardiology Associates, and the Clopton Clinic and provides health screenings, educational sessions, and my luncheon keynote, STOP Living Life Like an EMERGENCY!  all for a nominal fee of just $5!

We all know knowledge is power and the life-saving information gained at Women’s Conferences through health screenings and education is just the beginning.  Women of all ages, teens to seniors get a chance to connect, explore, and remember why it is so important they take care of themselves: You can’t give what you don’t have. 

This is one of my favorite speaking venues because I know the women who attend will take this renewed energy home to share with their friends and families and everyone wins.  You may not live in Jonesboro, but you can still check out your local hospital or American Heart Association for Women’s Conferences in your area and empower yourself with a little girl talk. 


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