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The Grace Break: 5-minute Stress Solution for Nurses-and the Rest of Us

I have just returned from the Annual Retention Conference at Methodist Medical Center where I presented my signature program, , STOP Living Life Like an Emergency! and introduced 30 Days to Grace to nurses and other healthcare workers. I was pleasantly surprised by how well my 30-minute daily practice – involving deep breathing, yoga poses, meditation, and journaling – was received. Nurses, like everyone else today are hungry for some time to reflect, renew and relax, given their high-stress environment.

While 30 Days to Grace has proven itself to be a powerful practice, it also can be limiting because of time constraints, something that definitely applies to nurses – but can also be a truth for anyone from a busy exec to a run-off-her-feet mom. So whatever your circumstances, if you don’t have time for the whole 30-minute program, try taking the 5-minute “Grace Break” I introduced to the Methodist Medical Center nurses. Next time you’re feeling stressed, instead of shoving a doughnut down your throat or ingesting more caffeine, close your eyes, listen to relaxing music and focus on your deep breathing for 5 minutes. How refreshing would that be?

Methodist has decided to pilot the Grace Break concept on various nursing units, after participants at the conference reported it was the best part of their day!

How about taking a “Grace Break” in your day? And remember, when you are most stressed, and feeling a sense of urgency is when you need it most. So close your eyes, breathe – and take 5!

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