Creating Resilient Cultures in Healthcare

Is Your Space Sacred?

The idea of a sacred space has been around for a long time—you just may not know it by that name. By “sacred” I mean special, inviting, and intended for you. When we place aromatic candles around the bathtub and use bath salts and oils, we are creating a sacred space. When we use high thread count sheets and beautifully colored pillows in the bedroom, we are creating a sacred space.

We also create sacred space in our days by honoring our time and energy. When you choose to write or make sales calls in the morning, when your energy is highest, or when you choose not to answer the phone after 8:00 p.m. at night because of your deliberate early bed time, you are also creating sacred space for yourself.

Any daily practice requires you to hold a sacred contract with yourself to create the space in your mind, day, and life whether it is exercise or journaling.  Your space is sacred because it is the container you create to carry out this practice even when it is not convenient, easy, or you just don’t feel like it.

Creating the sacred space in your mind is even more important than preparing the sacred physical space. It is giving yourself the permission and the responsibility to spend the first thirty minutes of every day on your deepest intention, what you have determined is most important to you. It is showing up for yourself in a way that may be unfamiliar.

What are you willing to create a sacred space around?

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