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It’s Not About the Pose (Really)

Whether you are practicing invigorating poses or the restorative, remember that yoga is not about the pose. Yoga is about moving with your breath, and as long as you show up and aren’t injuring yourself, you really can’t do it wrong.

There is great value in a daily yoga practice. Every day you show up on your mat is a different experience because it depends on your energy level, mental attitude, and physical health. It can be a great benchmark for your progress and a great indicator for how the rest of your life is going as well. If you are challenged in the balancing poses, maybe it’s because there are areas of life in which you are feeling out of balance. If you are feeling tight and inflexible, there could be a current situation in which you might be behaving rigidly as well.

Yoga poses are a big part of a daily practice because physical movement is another way we focus on our intention. When you engage your muscles and hug the midline for stability, you fuel your intention with determination and courage. When you extend your arms and legs out, you are reaching for what is most important to you with enthusiasm and trust.

All the poses can be modified to decrease or increase the intensity or can be eliminated completely, according to your current level of practice or physical injuries or challenges. Tightness or discomfort in your muscles is normal, but pain, especially in your joints, is a warning sign to back off immediately.

The bottom line for practicing yoga is sweet and simple: to feel good.  The major objective is to feel better when you get off the mat than when you got on.  That is what my teacher John Friend says.  I can do that-every day.

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