10 Ways to Open to Grace Today

What if you could open to all the desires you could think of, even those you haven’t thought of yet, instead of shutting them down because of fear and limitation? What if you could open to something bigger than yourself and be held and supported by this energy? What if you could truly transform yourself and your life as a result of this opening?

This experience of living larger—and being truer to your authentic self—is opening to grace.   Opening to grace means to soften, settle, and open to something bigger than yourself, a bigger energy, a greater good.   When you open to grace, everything changes, because you change and the opportunities abound.

So grace has to do with everything, especially our most challenging moments.  Here are my favorite top 10 ways to open to grace today:

  1. Do something without any expectations
  2. Forgive someone
  3. Ask for something you want
  4. Take a deep breath before you respond
  5. Let go of attachment to the outcome
  6. Do something spontaneous and unusual for you
  7. Look for the good in a difficult situation
  8. Practice not knowing (beginners mind)
  9. List 5 things you are grateful for
  10. Practice presence—being right here, right now

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