The High Cost of Chaos

Just when you think the distractions of summer are about over and the economy is turning around, we get another unexpected round of uncertainty and sliding markets.  The fear and panic from all the indecision and volatility is palpable and creates chaos, which never serves because…

Chaos is exhausting.

Anxiety and fear drain our energy, as well as our creativity and ability to make the best decisions.   There are things you can do to re-energize yourself such as what you decide to put into your mouth and who you hang out with. Read more here in my article on tips to refuel your life and your leadership.

Chaos is expensive. 

Dr. Oz was just quoted in AARP saying 70% of Americans are stressed about work, and businesses are spending $300 billion annually due to employee stress (and that’s before this last dip in the DOW).  Wow.  It is not surprising then that over 70% of Doctor’s visits are related to stress and we are all too well aware of the current state of healthcare.

Chaos is a choice.

While nothing can be done about the uncertainty in the world right now, whether it’s healthcare reform or the weather, we can do something about how we respond to it all.   We can choose to join in the frenzy or sit out and stay centered and calm.

One way to choose calm over chaos is to live with more intention.  A daily practice of focusing on what you do want through deep breathing, yoga poses, meditation and journaling is energizing and calming at the same time.   Whatever you focus on expands so there is a different result that comes from meditating vs reading the latest tragedy in the morning paper.

Here is what a client had to say after only practicing focusing on his intention for 7 days:

“I’m less chaotic.  I have not yelled at any cars doing the speed limit since Thursday, although I have yelled at myself and my computer a few times, but less than normal.  In addition, I have slept a little better and have spent more time with my wife and son.  This  really helps my attitude, etc.  Soooo, so far so good”.

Maybe you want to skip the news tonight and do a little deep breathing or take a walk to serve you best?   It’s not only good for you, it’s less expensive too! I’d love to hear how you choose calm over chaos in your life.



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