365 Days of Opening to Grace

365 Days of Opening to GraceI completed 365 days of my daily practice of 30 Days to Grace this week. I completed it 30 days at a time and to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t that hard. I initially set out to do just 30 days, but every 30 days I got the opportunity to change my intention, and that was intriguing and exciting enough to keep me going. My intentions ranged from, “I write with ease, rhythm, and joy” to “I move forward in marketing my business”.

My intentions worked!   Now I don’t even think twice about getting up, washing my face and brushing my teeth and going right to my sacred space to practice. I open to grace and practice deep breathing for 5 minutes, yoga poses for 15 minutes, meditation for 5 minutes, and journaling for 5 minutes, all focusing on the intention I create for myself. It is now such a part of my morning routine I can’t imagine not doing it.

Even though I already had a strong yoga practice, the addition of this daily 30 minute practice has created significant changes in my overall well-being with:

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Clear priorities each day based on my deepest intention
  • Greater presence in my relationships, my work, and my own thoughts and feelings
  • Effective thinking,  expectations, and responses with the practice of stillness and silence
  • More grounding and purpose that carries throughout the day

Now that I have my 365 days in, will I continue? Absolutely. I really like how I feel and how I operate in the world today.

What about you? Would you commit to 30 days of this powerful practice, just to see what could happen? Set your intention in an area of your life that you want to shift, change, give more energy to for 30 days and experience great change! You just may get to your day 365 like I did.

Diane Sieg is an emergency room nurse turned professional speaker, author,  life coach and yoga instructor.   Diane’s passion is helping you find the CHAOS CURE™ both on and off your yoga mat. www.dianesieg.com

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