Keep Walking


A dear friend of mine gave a beautiful Church service last Sunday.  We both began our speaking careers 15 years ago and her path took her to ministerial school, which she graduates this month.  She is one of the most positive, dedicated and talented people I know and her message that evening, titled Keep Walking was a meaningful one.

As she shared her own journey with cancer and all the fears and that came with her diagnosis she also told the story of Isis, an Egyptian Goddess whose husband was slain and cut up into pieces by his brother in a jealous rage.  The story goes that Isis walked through the desert to find all the pieces of her husband so that she could make him whole again with her magical powers.  

We all have deserts in our lives at times we must keep walking through.  Times of transition, challenge, and loss where fear and helplessness can overhwhem us.  Here are the three points from the sermon to help you keep walking.

Face your fears.  Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that can happen?    I miss seeing my grandchildren gradute from high school.  Once you have actually faced the worst, it is easier to move forward. 

Affirm what you do want.  Many times we focus more on what we don’t want, than on what we do.   Ask yourself, what do I really want/need right now?  Speak it out loud, write it down, as if it is already happening.   Every cell in my body is healthy.

Listen to your inner guidance.  You already have everything you need inside of you to move forward.  Be still and listen to what your wisdom tells you and trust it to take action. Make a call, ask a question, or follow-up on a feeling you have about something. 

Keep Walking.  Whatever dessert you have in your life right now, the only way through it is through it.  These lyrics from the song “Gifts the Storm May Bring” by Faith Rivera remind us there can even be a gift on the other side.

I embrace the pain I feel
For I know it’s birthing me
Into a greater way of being
I’m ready to receive
All the gifts the storm may bring

Diane Sieg is an emergency room nurse turned professional speaker, author,  life coach and yoga instructor.   Diane’s passion is helping you find the CHAOS CURE™ both on and off your yoga mat.

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