Up today with the first faint beep of my alarm.  It feels good to get out of bed immediately, brush my teeth, wash my face, and go directly to my sacred space.  Lots of thoughts today, with my 30 Days to Grace program tonight launching the CD.  How will it be received?  Will they get it?  Will they go home and do it?   I really want to convey the difference this practice has made in my life so that others will be inspired to do the same.

After my practice today, I feel relieved and not so overwhelmed and scattered even though I have a thousand things to do in preparation for tonight.   I am more grounded and calm, I open to the bigger vision, the greater good, and appreciate this event and all it has to offer.  I stay in the moment and in my heart and enjoy the whole process: the errands, the set-up, even my anxiety, and finally the program.  I open to grace.

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