How fully engaged are you in your life?  That is the question I pondered in my practice today. How engaged am I really, in my relationships, work, health, dreams, and anything else I participate in?  Am I present, conscious, on-purpose and intentional or… am I checked out or avoiding or even asleep?

Today I observed myself and became acutely aware when my mind zoned out, slipping back into the past, or speeding up into the future.  It takes constant attention to be fully engaged: to listen to someone else fully, devote total attention to a proposal, stay with your breath in a yoga class, or enjoy each bite of your meal, without involving yourself  in television, reading, or any other distraction.  WOW.  Full engagement requires real determination. 

Ask yourself throughout your day, am I fully engaged here?  Then ask yourself what is most important, right here, right now and give it your full attention.

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