I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  No particular reason, I just felt grumpy immediately upon rising.  I really didn’t want to do the practice today.  I wanted to stay mad at virtually everything and everyone.  But I did it anyway.

As I opened to grace, I actually started laughing out loud in the middle of my deep breathing as I tried to rationalize my irritable mood.  I couldn’t really come up with anything really satisfying.  And then it hit me that my mood is a choice.  My grumpiness is a choice.  By the time I got to the yoga poses, I had totally forgotten about my unfounded anger and was totally involved in my breath and flow. 

We will all wake up on the wrong side of the bed at some time or another,  but we choose if we will stay there or not.  The practice helps you become more aware of your choices.

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