It was one week ago today I initially launched my new program for 30 Days to Grace when everyone in the room committed to the practice for the next 30 days. 

So of course I had to follow up with the group and I am thrilled to say the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, illustrated by all the comments I received.  Here are a few:

 “The practice is having a strong effect on me. It is giving me the impetus to make other small changes that build on my mindfulness and serenity as well.”

 “30 Days to Grace is providing me with exactly what I need: an easy practice, guided beautifully and gently, complete with journaling which allows for powerful reflection and an ability to track my progress.” 

 Wow.  Thank you for reminding me how powerful this practice is.  I don’t’ know why I stopped, but I am doing it daily again and my whole life feels like it is back on track!  Thank you!”


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