Today I am focusing on release.    We often hold on so tightly because we are afraid of losing-ourselves or something else.  The truth is, if we have to struggle so hard to hold on, we probably don’t really have it anyway.    

 What could you release today that is no longer serving you?  A business decision that didn’t work out?  A relationship that isn’t working anymore?  A judgment of someone who is different than you?   Worry about something you have no control over?  Today I release _____________ and in doing so I open to grace and set myself free.

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  1. Anne Parsons on November 10, 2009 at 10:17 am

    Thanks for this, Diane – am dealing with decision to euthanize our old dog today and this spoke to me. But my holding is on is for me, not her. Funny that the “action step” idea that came to me during meditation in my practice yesterday (I’m on day 14!), though it was re my intention and not the dog, was also to “let go.”

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