Happy New Year NOW!

 In the Celtic tradition, the New Year begins in November instead of January.  This gives a whole new meaning to Halloween, or Hallow’s Eve, when, the ‘Seed Fall’: is celebrated as the days grow shorter and darker.  They honor this time of year with the belief that from death and darkness springs life and light.

Wheel of Intention

 I love this tradition because during these last two (what often are the busiest) months of the year, we can get caught up in survival mode to get through the holidays.  With this mindset, we put off beginning new projects, healthier diets, or financial plans until January.      

 But you don’t have to wait!  You are planting the seeds this very minute for January by the choices you make with everything you do, including what you eat, how much you sleep, and how much you spend.  You can set yourself up to start living with intention today and your New Year will be in full swing by January! 

 Think about your life in terms of the eight categories in the wheel of intention.  You can evaluate yourself on a scale of 0-10 in terms of your fulfillment.  Now choose ONE area you would like to focus on, shift, or give more energy to in your life for the next 30 days.  After your first 30 days, you can choose a different category, or stay with the same one.

Now create an intention around your chosen category.  Your intention is not just a goal, but more of a vision, a direction you wish to channel your energy. It is stated in the affirmative, as if it is already happening.  Keep the intention specific to the category, but broad to the affirmation, so you do not limit yourself.  For example, for Finance, instead of saying “I have an extra $1000 this month”, you could say, “Money is flowing easily and effortlessly in my life”.   

Other examples of intentions:

Health:  I take good care of my physical body

Career: I do meaningful work in the world

Romance: I attract the perfect partner

Friends and Family:  I am a loving and attentive father

Physical Environment:  My home is spacious and organized

Fun and Recreation:  I enjoy my new hobbies

Once you have determined your intention, write it down and spend at least five minutes every day focusing on it with meditation, breathing, movement, journaling, or all of the above for the next 30 days.   It is proven that what we focus on expands.  When you take the time to focus on your deepest intentions, your life will change because you will change.   That is the magic of having a daily practice, and why the 30 Days to Grace program is so effective. 

Here is a recent testimonial I received regarding the power of living with intention: 

“I should love 30 Days to Grace for helping me lose 90 pounds, resolve a couple of scary financial situations and get back on track creatively, all in very short order! And I do. But in spite of those amazing results, what I’ve truly come to value about the 30 Day program is how it helps me go deeper on a daily basis. My intentions continue to evolve as I do, all toward becoming my most authentic self in a way that infuses my days with mindfulness and joy.”

Living with intention takes the willingness to practice every day.  When we get busy, stressed, and overwhelmed (like now with the holidays), the need for it is even greater.  Start living with intention today, and you will not only finish this year strong, you will set yourself up for a powerful New Year.   Happy New Year NOW!     

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