Look for the Good

In Anusara yoga, the yoga I practice and teach, we say “Look for the Good first.”  That translates beautifully into looking at a student’s posture and giving them positive feedback before you make alignment and adjustment queues.

It also is a great reminder for us recovering perfectionists who can easily find what’s wrong instead of  seeing what is right.  We can also have a hard time taking a compliment and feeling like we do enough, have enough, or are enough.  Yup, looking for the good can be a challenge.

If you lean towards perfectionism in your life practice these simple, but not easy steps:

  1. At the end of the day, write down 5 things you can take credit for.
  2. Give a compliment to someone you know needs on.
  3. Accept a compliment with a Thank You, or How kind of you, instead of Yeah, but, or It was nothing….

Looking for the good is really nothing more than making an active decision to see the glass half full.  And whether it’s a yoga pose or a cleaning project, a good perspective goes a long way.

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