Release Me

Do you ever find yourself holding on to things tightly, not wanting to let go, either an idea or thought or feeling, even if it’s not serving you?  I also hold on to relationships that no longer work—to projects or hobbies I am no longer excited about, and commitments I actually dread keeping.  Then there is my anger or disappointment about someone or something, even though it keeps me resentful and irritable.

When I am holding on tightly, the best thing I can do is release something, so it releases me.

What could you release that no longer serves you? When you release a feeling, person, or obligation that no longer serves, you open to something bigger, and set yourself free.

Just for today, see which one of these statements would serve you best, or write your own:

I release my judgment.

I release my partner to do what he needs to do.

I release my fear and worry of being alone, poor, or left behind.

I release my grasping to something that doesn’t exist.

I release my need to know why and to understand.

I release my incessant wishing that things could be different.

I release my criticism.

I release my resentment.

I release my disappointment.

I release my feeling of not being enough. 

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