The Trouble With Transformation

There is so much talk about transformation these days.  Even with me, at my last Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, I told them all they had the perfect opportunity for transformation.  I am always eager to transform my business, body, relationships and life.  But this can be a slippery slope.  Here is the trouble with transformation.

Waiting.  Until you meet the perfect partner, hire the right team, lose 10 pounds, or stick your handstand in the middle of the room, you could be waiting for it and miss the process of transformation.  The act of being “there” is a very short time compared to the process of “getting there”.

Expectations.  What kind of expectations have you created around your transformation?  It’s easy to forget that real  transformation takes place from the inside out, regardless of how much money you have or what size you are.  We need to keep our expectations real and realistic.

The Time Thing.  Once we have decided to transform, we have to realize it is a process and will most likely take a bit longer than we would like.  Immediate results in any area are usually short-lived.

The Work Thing.  When I asked one of my fellow yoga teachers, (who has a beautiful, strong practice and deep knowledge base) how often she practiced, her response of  5-6 classes a week, plus extra time on her own was amazing to me. Wow!  It takes a lot of work to transform!

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a HUGE believer in transformation and I have to be willing to be in the process, practice, and have patience for the time and work it requires.   I’d love to hear about your transformation, and I’ll tell you how my press-up handstand is coming.

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