Making Space for Your Highest

To lead your best and biggest life, you need to claim your highest first:  Your highest joy, highest good, highest aspiration.  What is most important?  What holds the most passion and excitement—and maybe even the most discomfort—for you? What do you want more of in your life?  We easily talk about our priorities, but life so often gets in the way.

We have to make space for our highest.  It doesn’t come easily or automatically, but it does come if you are willing to let something else go.

During my recent yoga retreat in Costa Rica, there was a common theme with all the participants wanting to make and maintain more space in their lives.  When we returned home, one of my clients said she was feeling like she never even went, back to the grind with her over committed and overwhelming life.   I asked her to evaluate every single thing she was doing for a week and choose one of these 4 actions:


Pay or barter with someone else to do the things you don’t absolutely have to do yourself, don’t like doing, or aren’t very good at.  Housekeeping comes to my mind immediately.


Maybe now is not the best time to take a philosophy course or to look for a new position.  The key is now.  When you make space for the most important, the highest, you can postpone other activities and experiences.

Eliminate.  Is there something you can ditch altogether?  A club, organization, or commitment that no longer serves you?  Yes, it is important, but is it aligned with your highest, still?

Just Do It.  There are of course things we don’t want to do, but we just have to do anyway.  Keep space for these and add buffer time, because they usually take more time (and energy) than we calculate.   And it also helps to just do it, without complaint and agonizing to keep the peace and just get ‘er done so you can get back to your highest.

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