Wake Up to Synergy

My intention for this month is “I embrace all the synergy in life”.  I chose this because I realized how often I am not present and able to appreciate the divine order of things.  Our days are full of synergy, we just have to be awake and aware enough to notice it like when you think of someone you haven’t seen in a while, and they call you; or when you are about to launch a new marketing campaign and a client remarks to you about your greatest selling point; or when you go to a yoga class and the teacher talks about exactly the issue you are dealing with. 

Everything really is in divine order, we just don’t always realize it.  So wake up to the synergy in your life with these 5 simple steps:

  • Slow down. When you are nexting, multitasking, or rushing around, you miss the synergy and if you miss it, then you can’t have it
  • Look for it.  Every time something really “cool” happens, especially a surprise, trace it back to a choice you made to create it
  • Create your intention–daily.  Determine what is most important for you to focus on because what you focus on expands 
  • Trust and remain open.  Trust the greater good and remember it all happening for a reason, even it you don’t know what the reason is in the moment 
  • Let go.  What a relief to acknowledge the fact you don’t have to be in charge of everything!  

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