10 Ireland Retreat Facts You May Not Know


Are you resistant to an Ireland Retreat? Here are 10 retreat facts to help your decide:

  1. Authentic cultural experience vs. high-tourist attractions.
  2. Daily all-level yoga classes are always optional.
  3. The resort is in a beautiful setting, with access to beaches, hiking and biking trails, and spa services.
  4. The food is healthy, delicious, and plentiful.
  5. Our tour guides are highly experienced, flexible, and fun!

  1. Optional activities, road trips, and spa treatments offered daily.
  2. Group size is intentionally kept small (20-25) for an intimate experience for everyone.
  3. The like-minded people who come on the trip create a community with bonds that last long after the retreat.
  4. Many participants have been on multiple retreats because of their rich and unique experience.
  5. You will grow and learn about yourself in unexpected ways.

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