Are You a Self-Leader?

Self-Leadership is the relationship you have with yourself. When we improve the relationship with ourselves, we improve our well-being because we make better decisions. To improve any relationship, especially the one with ourselves, we have to nurture it by knowing ourselves.

Growing and learning about yourself is central to The Well-Being Coaching Program. To evaluate this, participants complete brief assessments along the way. Here is some feedback I recently received from the following question:

What are you learning about yourself?

  • I do not know how to say no, and even seek out events and situations that only stress me more by pouring everything into work unnecessarily filling my day with tasks.
  • It is very awkward and uncomfortable for me to focus on myself, even when I know it helps me feel better.
  • I thought when I named my critical inner voice, I could explain her better to my husband and myself, but now I realize I give her way too much energy and power.
  • Knowing what to do and having the tools and resources to do it mean nothing if I don’t take any action.
  • I readily put myself on the back burner as opposed to protecting my time and space.
  • I set myself up with several bad habits, like snoozing the alarm with Alexa, that don’t serve me or my goals.
  • I am much more effective when I don’t overwhelm myself by taking on the world with all I can’t own or fix.

You can’t change what you are not aware of and the Self-Leadership Assessment helps you know yourself better and determine where you are at as a Self-Leader today. There are no good or bad answers for this assessment, just information to help you to become more aware. You will receive your results immediately after completing the 10 brief questions.

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