Care for COVID with Compassion

Compassion Woman with her hands over her heart

Compassion, the practice of kindness, is contagious and has many immediate benefits including reducing your own suffering by improving your outlook and perspective and increasing your feeling of connection.  The specific value for healthcare organizations is well documented in Compassionomics by Dr. Stephen Trzeciak and Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli.

Here are 5 ways you can take a compassion break when you feel overwhelmed with fear or anxiety, or first thing when you wake up to set the tone for your day.

1. Self-Compassion

Close your eyes, put your hand over your heart and say to yourself or out loud:

  • I feel really overwhelmed right now.
  • I know my (family, staff, friends, patients) are feeling overwhelmed, too.
  • May I be kind to myself in this moment of feeling overwhelmed.
  • Breathe it in deeply and fully and repeat as necessary

2. Connect

Reach out to your family, friends, staff, and clients more than usual digitally, by phone, or by letter to let them know you are thinking of them. Smile and thank the stocker at your grocery store or the mail carrier.

3. Look for the Good

There are many positive things happening around the world as a result of our current times and you can find them by listening to the Good News Network Positive Podcast or subscribing to the Good News Network or The Good Stuff.

4. Just Like Me

When you experience someone asking the same questions over and over, posting what seems like ridiculous opinions on social media, or hoarding toilet paper, remember, just like me.  We don’t always make our best decisions when we feel fearful and anxious.

5. Loving-Kindness Meditation

Place your hand over your heart and say out loud or to yourself:

  • May I be full of loving-kindness.
  • May I be safe from inner and outer danger.
  • May I be healthy and strong.
  • May I be full of loving-kindness .
  • Breathe it in deeply and fully then repeat as necessary.

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