Grace Stories: The Power of Intention

PW came to one of my 30 Days to Grace workshops tentatively at best.  She had never practiced yoga in her life, she was dealing with some very debilitating health issues – and she had lost her husband quite unexpectedly in the last year.  WOW.  I was impressed with her the moment I met her, just for overcoming the many obstacles to show up.

During the workshop, PW was a real trooper.  Even though yoga was completely new for her, she stayed with it and attempted every pose.  She decided her intention would be around her healthboth emotional, around the grief of her husband, and physical, due to her chronic issues.  The following is, in part, the note she wrote me on completion of her first 30 days:

 “On May 15, I attended your workshop.  It has absolutely changed my life.  I missed one day in the last 31.  I chose my health as my intention and all that has been accomplished in 30 days is remarkable.  I finally went for a biopsy and blood test and have now confirmed celiac disease.  I have concentrated on accepting that I eat to live and feel better than I have for many, many years.  I have decided that as long as I am able to walk that I should.  I live on the 4th floor in a condo and with the exception of 5 times or so have walked the 72 stairs up and down.  I am now 4 inches from being able to touch my toes.  When I started, I was barely able to touch just below my knees.  I can do tree pose for long periods at a time.  When I started, I could not even begin to balance.  I love yoga!  I had not done it before.  I have said on many occasion I would rather have a baby then go to the dentist, but I did go, I have a new crown and a clean bill of health in my mouth.”  

 We met for a follow up session last week and what I witnessed was a totally transformed woman.  She was bright, strong, and confident.  Not only were her poses impressive, but her voice, tone, and her whole energy was strong.  She was eager and open to learn more and improve upon what she was already doing.  Her new intention is, “I come from a place of strength.  I move through my day without fear. 

I cannot begin to describe how fulfilling it was to witness such a transformation in such a short period of time.  WOW.  PW illustrates beautifully what is possible when we move through our resistance by focusing on something with intention. 

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