Transitions in Life

We all know that life is transition, always changing,  just like the seasons.  But sometimes, we forget and need some reminding.  I was reminded yesterday.  One of my first and favorite yoga teachers is moving and taught his last yoga class here.   He is so smart, sweet, and loving, and he showed me the way to love and live my yoga.  I will miss him dearly.

The same day I also learned one of my yoga students died unexpectedly of a heart attack.  She seemed so vibrant last week in class, and never complained about anything.  She was a senior citizen, but certainly not the oldest in my feisty group of senior students.  Her sudden passing was a real shock and loss for us all.

Transitions in life help us remember nothing is forever and it’s still easy to forget nothing is forever.  We forget to stop and enjoy, appreciate, and really savor the here and the now.  We forget to say. “Thank you, I love you, I appreciate you, I miss you”.

Transition involves an ending and a beginning.  There is something new that is created out of something that no longer exists.  Whether it is a new relationship, a new appreciation, a new idea, or a new perspective.  So today I remember.  I remember and thank my partner, my family, my friends, my teachers, and my students.

In whatever transition you may be experiencing today, who do you need to remember?

January is a big month for transitions.  After the holidays, new year’s resolutions run rampant, often with restless abandon.  Transition into 2011 with intention and grace by coming to my Costa Rica Retreat January 15-22,  2011.  Early bird rate $1199 until August 20!

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