Not Another Transition! 3 Steps to Navigate the Storm

The only constant we really have in this life is the fact that nothing stays constant. We know that nothing ever stays the same, from the seasons to our age, and yet we often still rebel, deny, and dig our heels in to desperately hold on to the past, whether it is a relationship or a size 2 pair of jeans, both which no longer serve us.

Life is transition, always changing, always in motion.  We may say we want things to stay the same, but the truth is we would quickly tire of the sameness.  We would be bored and unstimulated without the benefit of contrast in our lives.   But sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and think, not another transition!

My good friend Molly, has had a record number of transitions in her life in the past year.  Her Mom was diagnosed with cancer and her Dad was hospitalized with heart failure and progressive Alzheimers.  Molly herself underwent open heart surgery with a valve repair and valve replacement, and their trusted companion of 17 years, Ratu, made his transition.

WOW.  That is quite a year.  As with all transitions, when one thing ends, something else begins, but it is a challenge to end things we are not necessarily choosing.

Here are 3 steps to help you navigate the storm.

1.    Accept.

What we resist, persists.  It takes more energy to fight and struggle than to surrender to something you have no control over.  There is also a certain peace that comes over you when you allow yourself to accept your present circumstances.

2.    Grieve.

Give yourself the time and space to be sad, angry, and questioning of the fairness of it all.    Change is part of life and loss is part of change.  Be gentle with yourself during this process and practice extreme self-care to help boost your energy and overall health.

3.    Get Support.

There are friends and family members who can listen and support you without judgement, and there are those who cannot.  Find support groups, friends who have weathered similar situations, and even visit a therapist you connect with to help you cope with the transition(s) you are facing.

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