Trust the Storm

Springtime in the Rockies can be a challenging time of the year because of the warm weather tease we inevitably get in March (this year it came in February). Those 60 and 70 degree sunny days thaw us with warmth and delight us with tulips and new growth. And just as I am contemplating putting my boots away, we get the big one—unexpected, unplanned and unwelcome, the blizzard of the year with almost 2 feet of snow, closing down airports, schools, and interstates.

When you feel like you are “buried” in the storm of an illness, loss, debt, or snow, it’s hard to trust the sun and the tulips will come out again. We all have times in our lives that are unpredictable, undesirable, and even frightening which makes it hard to trust…

  • you will ever feel good again when your’e down with the flu for 3 weeks
  • your work is valuable when you can’t sell it
  • there really is a way out of a bad relationship or credit score
  • everything is temporary, from a bad cold to a bad mood

Trust is so critical because when we don’t trust, we can’t connect, create, or grow. Trust comes from a love and commitment to yourself, especially in the storm and must be experienced to be known. You can experience trust by saying Yes.

✔ Yes to adventure

✔ Yes to commitment

✔ Yes to asking

✔ Yes to helping

✔ Yes to following up

✔ Yes to showing up

✔ Yes to the unfamiliar and uncomfortable

✔ Yes to knowing

✔ Yes to not knowing

✔ Yes to the storms in your life

tulip 7 scaled

We can either say yes to trust, or trust to say yes. It doesn’t really matter what comes first. The point is to trust the tulips will come up and the sun will shine again. What can you say yes to today?

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