Summer Solstice: Let the Light In

Happy Summer Solstice!  Today is the longest day of the year and is a result of the Earth‘s north-south axis being tilted 23.4 degrees relative to the sun.  This allows our Northern Hemisphere  to have more light than on any other day in 2011.

There are many celebrations across different cultures for the Summer Solstice and one way you can engage in the lightest day of the year is to ask yourself, “Where in my life do I want to let more light in?”   In other words, “Where in my life am I experiencing darkness, like fear, disappointment, guilt or shame?”

We can’t let the light in by focusing on the darkness or distracting ourselves from it.  We let the light in by determining what we want and creating an intention, a positive affirmation around it.  For example, “I connect with my partner on a deeper level or I move forward in my finances.”  Then we focus on our intention. 

30 Days to Grace is a 30 minute daily practice that supports you in focusing on your intention.   Through guided deep breathing exercises, yoga poses, meditation, and journaling, you create space in the dark and tight places of your mind, body, and heart necessary to let the light in. 

Fully engage in the longest day of the year today by deciding what area of your life you want to let the light in and then  focusing on it.  It’s an empowering way to celebrate the Summer Solstice.   

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