Use This Resilience Skill When Things Don’t Go as Planned…

Using Resilience-Skill in San Diego

After a busy summer of travel with speaking and weddings, I was really looking forward to a writing retreat in San Diego at a beautiful resort. My partner was attending Sales Mastery and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get some uninterrupted writing time.

I determined our arrival day would be my transition day. After a very early flight and full day of training the day before, I gave myself permission to take a break and rest and relax to be ready to go the next day.

Resilience-Skill Diane on beach

The second day I was still feeling tired and a little down. I felt totally uninspired to sit in my dark hotel room with a beautifully sunny day in San Diego. After holding a little pity party for myself, I decided to go to my favorite place—the beach! I took a ferry to Coronado Island where I walked and reveled in the surf, seagulls, and ocean breeze.

Diane and Desiree Resilience-Skill

By the third day, I felt really good. But when I had the opportunity to go to one of the sessions with my partner, I took it and found it to be very inspiring and thought provoking. And then, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to spend the afternoon with my yoga teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh, practicing ridiculous backbends and hip openers. I returned to the hotel blissfully tired and grateful for a fabulous day.

Diane in Yoga Pose Resilience-Skill

By day 4, I recognized the resilient skill I was practicing all week was flexibility. It is so critical for us to be flexible in our lives because things often don’t go as planned. And when they don’t, we can choose to wallow whine, and struggle (like I did initially) or be open to the new opportunities and possibilities that we may not have even considered.

I returned from San Diego refreshed and recharged with a new energy for my writing and my business. As it turns out, what I needed most for my own resilience was a break. Practicing resilience defines how we show up every day, especially when things don’t go as planned. Today, experiment with being flexible instead of expectant and see what happens.

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