What don’t you have time for?

Pura Vida is a beautiful health club I am fortunate enough to teach yoga at in North Denver. I was giving a good friend, who was my guest for the day a tour when we had this conversation:

Her: What a state-of-the-art weight room, how often do you work out?

Me:  Oh, I don’t have time to work out here…

Her: What a beautiful spinning room, when do you take class?

Me:  Oh, I don’t have time to take spinning classes…

Her:  What a beautiful spa, what have you experienced?

Me:  Oh, I don’t have time for…

We took a yoga class from one of my favorite instructors and finished with a lovely sauna, hot tub, and shower. I got into my car and said out loud, I feel fabulous! I thought I didn’t have time to take a yoga class and soak in the middle of the day but I came home completely refreshed and renewed and had a meaningful conversation with my partner, helped a client with a challenge, and spent an hour writing on a project I was avoiding!

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have time for - Walking in park

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What I thought I did not have time for, gave me the calm and presence in my mind and body to be more creative, focused, and an overall better human being. What I really didn’t have time for was to be grumpy, drained, and discouraged. Creating space for calm and presence in ourselves is so important to our resilience because it affects how we show up in the world.

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have time for - Bicycle

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How about you? What don’t you have time for? A walk, bike ride, yoga class, massage, hot bath, or just a few minutes to yourself to do nothing? Today, I invite you to block time in your calendar for you and treat it as a sacred appointment. You may discover you don’t have time not to, as I did.

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