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MORE After 40 Diane Sieg Yoga InstructorI have never entered any kind of contest like this before, but I loved the concept MORE magazine came up with by having women define why they are more fabulous after 40.  The old saying that “youth is wasted on the young” is a great one, but it doesn’t stop our culture from being obsessed with youthful looking skin, hair and bodies, especially after the age of 40.

As many of you already know, yoga has gotten me in the best “shape” of my life, both inside and out and I want women of all ages to know about it!  Which is the main reason I entered this contest, and I figured the trip to New York and the $10,000 Grand Prize, would all be for a good cause.  Here is what I wrote and I meant every word:

My days are filled with intention and energy after discovering a 10,000-year-old secret: Yoga!  Less than five years ago during a painful divorce, I found yoga to be a healthy, healing, and grounding practice.   What I didn’t know was that yoga would change my:

  • Body more than kickboxing, marathon running, and weight training
  • Mind more than therapy, vacations, or self-help retreats
  • Spirit more than sugar, wine, or shoes!

I now teach yoga and practice daily – and have incorporated its message into my speaking business because it keeps me connected with myself and my deepest intention: to empower other women. I am more fabulous because of this powerful practice and I want every woman, no matter what her age, to experience it too.

If you could take a moment to vote for me at so that we can all empower MORE women after 40 to practice yoga I would be very grateful!

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